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Calling all Artists! Here at [istandard] we have always offered opportunities for producers from all over the country. Now we are extending the benefits to a select few artists as well. Our producer experiences create a musical platform and overall network-oriented setting like no other. We pack the venue with established, up and coming producers and artists, industry professionals, including your favorite Grammy winners and Platinum Producers/ Songwriters, managers, engineers, entertainment attorney, media outlets and music lovers alike. This one of a kind opportunity not only allows for you to showcase your great music and performance, but allows you to network with producers and other industry professionals who are looking for artists to work and grow with.

We get a ton of submissions and review hundreds of artists daily but we only pick the very best to perform so if you make the cut, congratulations on standing out. We only offer a very limited amount of slots per event. Artists that are accepted to be apart of our producer experiences get a unique opportunity to showcase their talents in front of an industry-driven crowd full of potential fans and collaborators.

With numerous markets across the continent, perform at a show or book a promotional tour with us. Invite family and friends, sell merch and keep 100% of the profits. Visibility is key and connecting with audiences in and out of your market is vital to success as an artist. Submit below for consideration!

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