[istandard] Beat of the Week - Sean Original

[istandard] Beat of the Week – Sean Original

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Sean Original


Location:New York City

Weapon of Choice:Roland Fantom G, FL 11

Quote:”I’ve loved making music my whole life. I think it’s about what you can contribute to a genre to help evolve the sound. Originality is key.”

Sean Original is a new face to the [istandard] world. Joining the community this year, he showcased his work at our SXSW Producer Showcase and definitely turned heads. Producing since 2006 he has worked with Slaughterhouse, Day 26, and Bubba Sparkxxx just to name a few. Bringing home the W for this weeks #istandardBOTW, ‘Ascension’ offers an airy, melodic,futuristic feel that is perfect for Summer 2018. Check out ‘Ascension’ below and follow him@sean.original

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