[istandard] Beat of the Week – Trap Jesus

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Trap Jesus

Age: 33

Location: Seattle, Washington

Weapon of Choice: Reason 10

Quote: “Im spreading the Grimy Gospel, and preaching Psychedelic Psalms from the Backwoods Bible.”

This week we have Seattle, Washington native Trap Jesus as our #istandardBOTW winner. The holy ghost has truly possessed this man right here with the talent to take you beyond and into musical heaven. At the beginning of the beat, Trap Jesus’ synth grabs at your soul, taking over your mind and getting you in a trance from the moment it hits. The drum pattern swings just right, connecting all the all the elements of sound together beautifully. The dancing hi-hats and 808s make you understand why he is named Trap Jesus.  You can check it out below. Also, follow him on Instagram.

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