[istandard] Beat of the Week – Da Beat Bros.

[istandard] Beat of the Week – Da Beat Bros.

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Da Beat Bros.

Age: Ezee (younger brother)

        Trim (older brother) lolol

Location: Raleigh, NC.

Weapon of Choice: The ol faithful Acid Pro 7 just upgraded to 8 Lol (you can probably guess our age from that)...  Also Studio one every now and then.

Quote: "Surround yourself with your influences"

North Carolina!!! (Petey Pablo Voice), Raleigh to be exact is taking the win for this weeks #istandardBOTW.  This drum cadence immediately took my mind into story mode, the piano gives it a nice old school warm feel, while that bass line provides the groove we all look for in a track.  I personally love the vibe of this one.  Da Beat Bros have been rockin' with us for about 4-5 years now and have taken 1st place 3 times in Raleigh, and 1st in our 2016 A3C producer experience. So you know these guys have more up their sleeve.  Listen to 'Gutta' below and follow them on IG @Da_Beat_Bros