[istandard] Beat of the Week - Delivery Man

[istandard] Beat of the Week – Delivery Man

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Location: Denver,Colorado
Weapon of Choice: Cubase
Quote: Its Over Nine Thousaaaaand!
Denver Colorado brings home this weeks #istandardBOTW.  This beat 'Sky' has video game potential all over it.  Immediatly, I thought this would be perfect for a Mario Bros. game.  Colorful, upbeat, and just takes you to another universe in my opinion.  Delivery Man has rocked with us for the last few years now, winning a Dallas showcase back in 2016.   Listen to 'Sky' below and follow him on IG @DeliveryMan1245
A word from the winner:
Thanks to [istandard] for being dope as hell and giving somewhere for producers to come together. We don’t have many big time platforms and we are the masters behind the curtains, so it is nice to be put in the light.