[istandard] Beat of the Week – Double AA

[istandard] Beat of the Week – Double AA

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Double AA

Age: Unknown ... but old enough to know that Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon is the best movie and soundtrack ever!!!

Location: Titan

Weapon of Choice: Reason..... and the Infinity Gauntlet

Quote: Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

Hailing all the way from the 750,000-year-old planet, Titan.  Double AA will be taking this weeks #istandardBOTW win on his long journey back home to celebrate with the rest of the Eternals aka Bounce GVNG.  Double AA pulled sounds from a buffet of kits including [istandard] fam Black Bell Beats, Sound Oracle, Shroom, and Kenny Buttons.  This track 'Thanos' lives up to the name.  With the way the drums move and that snare hit, nobody is safe.  Double AA has also taken home 1st place in 3 different cities, so I am excited about his growth as a producer and where he is headed.  Listen to 'Thanos' below and follow him on IG @Double_AA81