[istandard] Beat of the Week - Flytrap Music

[istandard] Beat of the Week – Flytrap Music

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Flytrap Music

Name: Flytrap Music (Anand Gan & Doug Davis)
Age: Working together since the early 2000s
Location: New York City & Winston Salem, NC
Weapon of Choice: Logic, IK T-racks, & MM3AM
Quote: “Music is Life. We’re just trying to create timeless songs that will help make the world a better place.”
Pop music wins this weeks #istandardBOTW.  The duo Flytrap Music has been creating music since the early 2000's and has been around the [istandard] movement since we started.  'Static or Signal' has licensing potential all over it.  I hear it in a modern fast moving cell phone commercial haha, the changeup at the 34-second mark was unexpected and definitely grabbed my attention.  Flytrap is no stranger to the licensing game working with shows like Saturday Night Live, The Voice, Road Rules, House of Style, and many more.  Listen to 'Static or Signal' below and follow them on twitter @FlytrapRocks
A word from the winner:

Special thanks to the man himself, Don D for all the support and collaborations over the years (not to mention all of our amazing concert adventures). It has been a privilege to make music with you all these years and look forward to much more as the iStandard movement continues to grow and prosper.

Marketing Director for [istandard]