[istandard] Beat of the Week - J-Day

[istandard] Beat of the Week – J-Day

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Location: NYC
Weapon: Cubase
Quote: One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain...
NYC STAND UP!!!  J-Day is bringing home this weeks #istandardBOTW.  Pulling sounds from Cosmic Drum Kit and KSHMR Vol.1, 'Freedom' provides that perfect poppy, summer sound.  I keep waiting to hear "We da Best"  then Beiber or Quavo to start their verse.  Who do yall hear on this?  Rockin with us since 2012, J-Day will be participating in this years A3C Producer Showcase so I am excited to hear what he's got.  Listen to 'Freedom' below and follow him on IG @BeatsByJday
A word from the winner:
A big shot out to the [istandard] team for passionately providing a platform and a community for music creators to share their art with the world. I’ve met tons of dope producers in this community and they all inspire me to keep creating...

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