Jaymz The DJ

[istandard] Beat of the Week – Jaymz the DJ

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Jaymz The DJ

Age: 47

Location: BROOKLYN, NY

Weapon of choice: iPad (Beatmaker 3, Garage Band app)

Quote: 'Prioritize what is most important, and make what’s most important a priority"

Due to technical difficulties, we are a little late for last weeks #istandardBOTW, but let me introduce you to Jaymz The DJ, fresh out of Brooklyn, NYC. Starting off with a bass line that really sets the groove, mixed with a harmonizing sample form Mista, and topped with some Stevie Wonder sampled throughout the track, I am enjoying the vibe and convinced that no lyrics are needed haha. Jaymz has been rockin' with us for 3 years now, coming in 3rd in 2015 for our Worldwide Online Showcase, 1st place in NYC back in 2016, and participating in BOTBXI in 2017. Listen to 'Main Out' below and follow him on IG @Jaymz_Tha_DJ