Meek Mill is Free

Meek Mill is Free! Top 10 Produced by [istandard] alumni and extended fam

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered the immediate release of Robert Rihmeek Williams, professionally known as Meek Mill. The Philadelphia born and bed artist was sentenced to prison on a probation violation. His 10 year probation sentence, arrest by corrupt narcotics officers on initial cases have become the rallying cry for injustice toward people of color in Philadelphia and in America as a whole. 

We join the rest of the world in welcoming Meek home. Hopefully, we will see him courtside tonight at the Sixers game. As a Philadelphian who has seen first hand what the criminal justice system does to people of color in our shared neighborhood of North Philly, I applaud Meek on taking on the bigger mantle of beacon of hope and fighter for freedom. 

Let’s go @sixers

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In true [istandard] fashion, we celebrate Meek in the best way we know how. We're highlighting our favorite Meek tracks produced by [istandard] alumni and extended family. 

1. Lean Wit It (Produced by Cardiak

Start It Up might have been your intro to Carl McCormick also known as Cardiak, but I was vouching for homeboy at the door of Fluid Night Club in 08. RIP to Oronde. His placements started piling up prior to Kanye and Swizzy. Cardiak and Meek also go way back. Four tracks on 2010's Mr. Philadelphia mixtape set the relationship off right, but this one will always resonate with the Philadelphia metro area. Shout to Willingboro, NJ. 

(other notable collabs: Polo & Shell Tops, Sparkles, Y'all Don't Hear Me Freestyle, Issues)

2. A1 Everything ft. Kendrick Lamar (Produced by Syksense)

On April 17th, 2012, a duo of producers from TN came through our show in Atlanta at Vinyl and tore the roof off the place. We now know what Ducko and Syk bring to the table. [istandard] alum, straight outta Cashville, Syksense, has gone on to rack up accolades, sales, and plaques. Syk produced this joint that dropped in 2012, when Kendrick wasn't quite yet a household name. His classic GKMC would be released 5 months later. The energy between the two on this jawn could power a city for a day.

(other notable collabs: Been That)

3. In God We Trust (Produced by Black Metaphor)

Black Metaphor's history with [istandard] is well documented. As I write this, he's in Boston judging our in-studio experience with Don Di Napoli. Black has served some of the industry's hardest rappers with heat and this jawn was no different. The persistent hats and menacing synth, with Black's signature drum work laid the foundation for this team favorite from one of our favorite alums.

In an interview with Hiphopdx, regarding the track, Meek said “It’s just about surviving in the streets, in God we trust, for the love of the money. I seen a lot of young guys go to war.” This Meek is the ready for war. This Meek is ready to survive. 

(other notable collabs: The End)

4. Fuckin Wit Me ft Tory Lanez (Produced By The Mekanics)

The Mekanics came up from South Florida to NYC and became the youngest producers to ever win our Beast of the Beats competition. It took them no time to land placements. The lullaby bells set this one off and set up the T. Lanez hook where he softly lets the competition know they ain't fuckin wit him. Dark menacing pianos check. Sonically perfect synth check. Drum work, check.

(other notable collabs: Bout That Life, My Niggas)

5. Lights Out ft Don Q. (Produced By Infamous Rell)

[istandard] alum Infamous Rell has been on the move. Philly to LA to ATL, you can catch this humble young brother networking with the hard drive on deck. Rell is my young bul. He's a Philly dude through and through with a mean grind. When I found out he landed this record on Meek's DC4, I wasn't surprised. You hear the Infamous tag. It's a rappers beat. The type with the pocket that lets you go in. Banging 808s with the clap and the nice piano loop. Bring the bikes out. Done Deal.  

(other notable collabs: Never Lose)

6. Ain't Me ft. Yo Gotti & Omelly (Produced by J. Oliver)

The Baltimore homie, chilling in Dallas and traveling worldwide, J Oliver, is also a constant at [istandard] events across the country. The producer/artist/songwriter took Meek to a melodic place with Ain't Me. With a dreamy soundscape and bouncing 808s, the sing-songy flow was a must. 

(other notable collabs: Fuck You Mean, Gav Em Hope)

7. Levels (Produced by Cardo)

One time for my guy Cardo, one of the illest of this generation. Cardo makes beats and he knows things. I remember when he told me about this one in Dallas. Cardo took Meek to a different place (level?) with that lead piano. Instead of the usual menacing trap piano, we get the beautiful piano and the Dre inspired synth. Imagine Scott Storch making trap music. That's Cardo on this one. 

(other notable collabs: I'm Leanin, I Got The Juice, Know No Better, Money Ain't No Issue)

8. Litty ft. Tory Lanez (Produced by Sound M.O.B)

Every time we touch down in H Town we hit BB's for some cajun food and we check in with Pyro and DJ Ryu.  They love sharing their knowledge with producers on the come up. Infusing that Houston sound with sharp claps and those disrespectful gliding 808's, this one was a winner the moment it left the DAW. Meek and Tory added gasoline to the flames. In 2018 this joint still gets burn in the club. We hope to see more work with the M.O.B. and Meek

9. Blessed Up (Produced by STREETRUNNER)

Few producers can't boast about a run like Street has had the past decade-plus. He won't so I'll do it for him. Not only is Street the homie, he's one of the few producers who stayed true to himself while not becoming irrelevant to today's audience. Street brought out the hip-hop in Meek. Philly rappers are known for their ability to switch the flow no matter the tempo or style. Meek displays his effortless flow over a dope sample and some hip-hop drums with a heavy bassline capable of rattling any trunk.

(other notable collabs: Shine, Heavy Heart, Price, Bag Talk, Made It From Nothing, Playing With Fire, How Many)

10. Amen (Produced by Jahlil Beats & Key Wane)/Ima Boss (Produced by Jahlil Beats)

We get a 2 for 1 special on this one. Jahlil and Meek have too many records but we had to show our guy Key Wane love too.

Amen was blasting out of cars at the wash on Broad and Lehigh as droves of homies on dirtbikes and four-wheelers went crazy up and down the strip. Key Wane joined us for BeatCamp - Nashville and shared his sauce with the attendees at SAE Institute - Nashville campus.

Jahlil and Meek are as iconic of a producer/rapper duo as any in hip-hop in my opinion. They created a sound together that changed the dynamic of east coast rap and ultimately affected the entire landscape of hip-hop. The summer of 2011 in Philly was Bonnies and Crown Vics blasting Ima Boss. When you hear Jahlil's niece on the tag, you almost always expect to hear "Look I be ridin through my old hood, but I'm in my new whip". 

(other notable collabs w/ Jahlil Beats: Burn, Tony Story, Tony Story 3, Young and Getting It, Rose Red, Rich and Famous, FBH)

(other notable collabs w/ Key Wane: Dope Dealer)

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