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Play N Skillz Weigh In On Their Experience Involving T-Pain’s Cash Money Claims

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Last week we posted on our @istandard IG that T-Pain had beef with Wayne & Cash Money over some unpaid royalties. The Grammy Winning/ Mega-Platinum homies, Play N Skillz slid in the DM with some real life insight as to how they experienced this first hand out of Baby's camp working with Pain & Wayne.


[J Hatch]

Earlier this week T-Pain took to social media and made a statement that he believed Lil Wayne owed him 500k in unpaid royalties. You guys worked with pain on a few records for Wayne. What records were they and how did the records get to Wayne?

[Play N Skillz]

We recorded quite a few demo ideas and songs with T-Pain but the song that actually stuck was “Got Money”. That wasn't actually during our sessions with T-Pain it was actually a song we did for Pitbull that Pain had cut for and it couldn't get cleared so we kept shopping the record with T-Pain on the hook because the hook was so good. We had quite a few people cut it from Slim Thug, Fat Joe, to N.O.R.E. and a few more but as fate would have it it landed in Wayne's hands through Pains camp and the rest was grammy and platinum history.

[J Hatch]

Seems like the cash money camp has had unpaid royalty issues with just about everyone on their label, do you have any insight on how the business is handled and why it remains a stain on their brand?

[Play N Skillz]

Its just their ways of doing business from day one, just ask Mannie Fresh. He crafted all of their hits early on and its not even the artists on cash money fault at times but more so the business people on cash money end. At the beginning everyone told us not to sue Wayne and Cash money because they would blackball us or it would cost too much money. However, what they didn't know was, that the money was good on our side to go to war and I didn't care if they blackballed us because we had already moved on to bigger global music like David Guetta,Flo rida, Pitbull, Daddy Yankee and more and wanted what was due to us at any cost.

[J Hatch]

As producers and songwriters does it deter you from working with said artist or camp based on their inability to pay out properly? [Play N Skillz] Absolutely But sometimes you have to take chances and lose a few battles to win the war.

[J Hatch]

Any advice you can give up and coming producers in attempts to avoid these types of issues or to educate and protect themselves?

[Play N Skillz]

Make sure you have a good lawyer!

Check out the videos below for their latest offering, "Hey Guapo" featuring Kirstin and the infectious melodies of their smash "Si Una Vez" featuring Wisin, Frankie J and Leslie Grace". You can follow them on twitter @PlayNSkillz

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