Over the past few months, you may have noticed an interesting black & blue spherical object attached to the [istandard] movement. It's been displayed at our live Producer Shows, Beat Camps, and all over our social media...

But, what exactly is it?

Meet Kaotica Eyeball.

It's a studio booth alternative that fits directly over your microphone, sets up in seconds, and instantly transforms any space into a recording studio.


Kaotica looked beyond the traditional methods of acoustically controlling the space around where vocals are recorded and shifted their focus toward the two most important elements of the process:

- capturing the pure tonality of vocals

- maximizing the nuance of the microphone recording it

For a Limited Time, anyone receiving this from [istandard] can simply press an Eyeball on this page, and receive a 20% Discount.

[this will be applied once you’ve put the Eyeball into your shopping cart] Let Kaotica Eyeball and [istandard]

Acoustically Treat Your Space...