🎛 Give your tracks some juice w/ LANDR. Two mastered WAVs on us 🌊

Throughout the 12+ year [istandard] movement, our judges and mentors consistently mention "the track just doesn't bump."

It Could be your mixes, could be your sound selection.

It Could also be your MASTERING... We feel we have your solution...



It’s like a cheat code for your tracks to give them that "juice". LANDR gives you effortless, professional-quality masters within seconds. Have a big meeting? Sending tracks to a big artist? Doing an [istandard] show?!

We gotcha.

Want to hear the results for yourself?

We’ve got 2 free LANDR WAV master credits for you to get you started right HERE

Oh yeah, Nas is one of the backers responsible for this. Think he knows a thing or 2000.

Oh yeah, LANDR Audio also now offers free digital distribution with mastering plans.
Your LANDR account now distributes your tracks to Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Deezer, Pandora, and all other major stores.
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