Tecknowledgy and Dreamlife Beats Drop 'Tecknowledgy's Dreamlife' EP

Tecknowledgy and Dreamlife Beats Drop ‘Tecknowledgy’s Dreamlife’ EP

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Tecknowledgy is back with an all new beat tape featuring his many collaborations with producer Dreamlife Beats. "Tecknowledgy's Dreamlife" is a collection of 11 beats spanning across various styles. They take us from lush Boom Bap instrumentals to bouncing cinematic soundscapes.

I have to highlight "Blow Smoke." It's got a smooth bass line and melodic guitar licks that put you on a west coast late night cruise. The sounds chosen play well to deliver a perfect image in your mind.

"Memory Banks" takes us right down memory lane. That chord progression tucks in a four part pensive melody to push the beat forward while the drum fill creates a rolling sensation.

They definitely paid attention to the titling of their tracks. They fit like the episodes of your favorite TV show.

Stream below and via digital platforms.

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