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On March 17th in Austin, TX, [istandard] held their #sxswtrakhouse producer tournament. 24 producers were handpicked to compete from hundreds of submissions. Among then was a young lady by the name of lucyclubhouse. We had no previous history with lucy but she was referred to us by beast of the beats champ, Sikwitit and the Dallas collective of producers always brought heat.  Prior to the competition, we held a beat battle for charity for SAFEATX, captained by Sikwitit and Decap. lucy was chosen for Sikwitit's team. After her first track dropped, the competition for later that evening knew they were in trouble.

Only Vohnbeatz, another Dallas product, has entered and won an [istandard] event at a younger age. The future is extremely bright for lucy. We salute her parent's as well for cultivating and encouraging her talents and for bringing her out to the event. We caught up with lucy recently.

[istandard] Congratulations on coming in 1st place! Please introduce yourself and let us know where you're from.

lucy: My name is lucyclubhouse. I'm a 13yr old producer from Dallas, Texas.

[istandard] How did you hear about [istandard}?

lucy: I heard about Istandard through Brown Royal, Freddie Bruno, & Tha Kracken.

[istandard] What was your expectation going into the event?

lucy: When I went into the event, I did not expect to win at all. Istandard usually picks the best producers to go against each I was definitely scared.

[istandard] How did your experience at [istandard] differ from other events you have attended or participated in?

lucy: This was my first event, so I don't have any other gauge!

[istandard] We love competition but we like to think of [istandard] as more of a family. What was the vibe in the room like amongst the producers?

lucy: The producer vibe was very welcoming and friendly! I felt at ease competing.

[istandard] Did you get any encouragement or jewels from the judged?

lucy: The judges were very encouraging & gave a lot of tips.

[istandard] You received some cool prizing from our sponsors. Have you put any of them to use?

lucy: I've used to ILoud speakers from IK Multimedia. I think they're great!

[istandard] You've earned a slot in our Beast of the Beats XII tournament in Atlanta this December. Are you excited to go up against the top producers from around the globe?

lucy: Excited...yes! Nervous...yes! Ready...absolutely not!

[istandard] What's next for you musically?

lucy: I have a lot of stuff in the works! Stay tuned!

[istandard] We appreciate your time. How can we find you online?

lucy: All my handles are @lucyclubhouse !


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