XrossRoads - "I Swear" ft. Ty Farris & Pierre Anthony

XrossRoads – “I Swear” ft. Ty Farris & Pierre Anthony (Prod. BabyPaul/BpZy)

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Hip Hop duo, XrossRoads,\ reveals "I Swear." XrossRoads is composed of Grammy-nominated producer, Baby Paul, and battle rap master of ceremonies, Supa Emcee, who also featured in "8 Mile" with Eminem.

"I Swear" serves as a tribute song to deceased Iron Fist Records founder, Proof. It is produced by BabyPaul/BpZy with guest features by Detroit up and comers, Ty Farris and Pierre Anthony.

Diving deeper into production, composer Baby Paul puts vocal sample chops to work alongside a rolling drum track to create a platform for the song's featured guests to shine. It's an emotional soundscape that caters to the classic Hip Hop listener with deep bass grooves and solid sampling techniques. Topping off the collaboration is Pierre Anthony, who lends raw, soulful vocals on the chorus to augment the instrumental's true nature.

XrossRoads is set to release their debut self-titled album in late 2018. Stream "I Swear" below.