Yang: "Frequency V2" [Beat Tape Stream] #FromTheVault

Yang: “Frequency V2” [Beat Tape Stream] #FromTheVault

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A while ago I put out the call for producers to send their beat tapes through so we can feature them on the site. On the one hand, I got so much needed fire in my iStandard inbox, on the other hand, a lot of the submissions were from a year ago or more. I’m a believer in music being a timeless art so I decided to come up with a little segment called “From The Vault” where I’ll feature some dope work that you might’ve missed.

Today I have South Carolina producer Yang, his project “Frequency Volume II” was made in one week’s time. “Everything was made from that one frequency I was on that week” the South Carolina standout says. Six tracks deep, this is one you can put and will take you about ten minutes to go through, but those ten minutes are filled with different vibes, sounds and feels. You can feel everything from lo-fi, to boom bap and more. Take a peep and let me know what you think.